Dr. Jeanne Arnold

Nurse Doctorate, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Family Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified

is a Family Nurse Practitioner and is currently employed at Straub Medical Center/ Ward Village Clinic and Urgent Care in Kaka'ako.

Her practice specializes in Arthritis, Chronic Pain and Peripheral Neuropathy.

Jeanne obtained her MSN as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Chamberlain College of Nursing and her Doctorate of Nursing from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center.

She is Board Certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She has extensive experience in Emergency, Urgent Care and Internal Medicine.

Jeanne and her husband, Doug, recently moved from Visalia, California and live at the Wailana in Waikiki. Her husband Doug is a Rotarian with the Honolulu Sunset club. She has two children, a son, Zachary who is 23 and a daughter, Madison, who is 20. Jeanne loves to hike, dive, work out, do home improvement projects and go to the beach with her dog Takara, a Gordon Setter.

She especially likes to Jet Ski and recently joined the Rotary Yacht Club Fellowship. Jeanne is looking forward to getting involved with the ECO rotary and maybe helping with youth services.

She has also hosted four Rotary International Exchange students from Japan, Belgium, Denmark and Brazil.

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